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9 August, 2017: Infamous Anniversary of an avoidable Disaster

On 4 November, 1997, I wrote two letters to 10 Downing Street. One was to Prime Minister Tony Blair. The other was to his media guru, Alastair Campbell. I explained that their New Labour government had exactly 10 years to save Britain from a global housing crisis that would end in a depression. They took no notice. Ten years later, on 9 August, 2007, a French bank froze withdrawals from some of its money market funds. A month later Northern Rock was humiliated by the first run on a British bank since the 19th century.

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Meeting on Land at Portcullis House, 1 Parliament Street, London, on October 18, 9.30 a.m. hosted by two All-Party Parliamentary Groups. Fred Harrison is speaker with Prof Michael Edwards of UCL, Anna Minton, Author Big Capital: Who is London for? Ian Kirkwood, Scottish Land Revenue Group and Lindsay Judge, Resolution Foundation.

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