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Naming the Value of our Civilisation

Ideas are windows through which a mind sees. But an idea can be obscured. We easily confuse the finger marks on the misted pane with the reality beyond. So it is with the idea of “the value of land”. Clearly understood, it reveals a remarkable world. While there are those who would like us not to see that world, it is mostly lost because of a habit of thinking and speaking that has been insufficiently challenged. There is also a horror that for thousands of years has run around the world causing mayhem and suffering. It began with the first pre-neolithic claims by the powerful to personal dominion over the greatest resource, primary for all living things – land. It has run through the endless violent conquests every people experienced, through to the modern Enclosures, the planting of the American flag on the moon, and on to the present time, of miners, loggers, and landless poor driving to death the last tribes in the Amazon rain forest.

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