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Towards the co-evolution of life on Earth

In my quest to find cures, rather than only dealing with palliatives, for the world’s problems, I have drawn on experiences arising from my 59 years of wearing a ‘dog-collar’. By participating in a Christian ministry, I grew to acquire several basic insights which I believe are of fundamental importance in charting a new course

Two new books by Fred Harrison

Taxation cheats the UK out of £500bn a year. How High Finance can be reformed is explained in two new books that chart the pathway to a new prosperity for post-Brexit Britain.

Beyond BrexitAs Evil Does

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EU: Muscling in on the British way of life

Brussels wants European laws, standards and procedures to be enforced on behalf of EU citizens resident in an independent UK. Does the EU exercise oversight of Romanian citizens living in the US? Hardly! So why should it be different for Romanians living in Britain? Prime Minister Theresa May needs to remind Brussels that people moved to the UK to escape the options available in their European homelands. That is an indictment of the EU, which needs to get its own house in order before preaching to others.

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