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Towards the co-evolution of life on Earth

In my quest to find cures, rather than only dealing with palliatives, for the world’s problems, I have drawn on experiences arising from my 59 years of wearing a ‘dog-collar’. By participating in a Christian ministry, I grew to acquire several basic insights which I believe are of fundamental importance in charting a new course

Two new books by Fred Harrison

Taxation cheats the UK out of £500bn a year. How High Finance can be reformed is explained in two new books that chart the pathway to a new prosperity for post-Brexit Britain.

Beyond BrexitAs Evil Does

Click here for Beyond Brexit and here for As Evil Does

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Printing your home: where’s the profit in that?

Can’t afford a home? Whiz-kids say 3D printing is the solution. Dubai and the UAE are using this method to slash the cost of constructing dwellings. Go to WikiHouse, download a design, modify it, get a machine to cut the pieces and assemble your home. Cutting edge, right? But watch land owners: they will step in to demand their cut. The cost of building plots will soar. Will homes become affordable?

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